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Old Projects


One of the most important drivers of the outsourcing of the software development is cost savings. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Many offshore projects do not meet deadlines and dramatically exceed the planned budgets. According to some estimations, 30% of all offshore projects fail. The main goal of this project is to reduce risks and to rise effectiveness of the outsourcing.

Exposing the Truth Behind Offshore Development

TSEPM, Nov. 1999 (Local copy)

Why your next offshore project is going to fail

New version is coming soon.


"To change the addiction, you'll have to use something more powerful than logic."
G.M. Weinberg
Quality Software Management: Volume 3, Congruent Action
(New York: Dorset House Publishing, 1994) p.116


This text is obsolete and must be rewritten.

The Dragon of The Source Code

(New version of an old text named "Cognitive Complexity Reduction") It is available in PDF and HTML (generated from LaTeX)

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